Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Traditional Music and Song Session

5 April 2009
The Royal Oak

All are welcome - your chance to share songs and music in a friendly atmosphere or just come and listen. Presented by the Traditional Music & Song Association (TMSA) of Scotland Edinburgh & Lothians Branch. The TMSA exists to promote and develop interest and participation in traditional music. The local Edinburgh & Lothians Branch actively promotes Scottish traditional music by running events, ceilidhs, sessions and workshops such as the Northern Streams Festival and biennial Singers’ Gathering. Why not join and show your support for Scotland’s traditions by visiting www.tmsa.org.uk?

* Young people permitted up to 7pm. For info: 0795 191 8366 or e-mail: eltmsa@yahoo.co.uk.

Thanks goes to the City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership who recently came on board as a supporter of the Festival!

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