Thursday, 18 April 2013

One week to go until Northern Streams!

Don't miss out on the great line up of artists we have this year:
  • Marit Fält and Rona Wilkie (BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2012) 
  • Irmelin - Swedish folk singing trio - Eva Rune, Karin Ericsson Back and Maria Misgeld, 
  • Danish Folk Award winners - Hal Parfitt Murray & Nikolaj Busk
  • dancing male Danes - ‘3 Men and a Bottle’ (Henrik Johansen, Chris Pedersen and Henning Christensen)  and accompanist, Pia Nygaard.
  • Scottish/Swedish fiddler: Kirsty-Jacqueline Lingard
Click through on the Northern Streams logo to the right of this post to get all the details of our concerts and workshops for adults and children, 26 & 27 April in Edinburgh.

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