Thursday, 30 April 2015

Northern Streams Festival Fun!

The Branch's Northern Streams Festival went off well artistically with many of the attendees commenting how much they enjoyed it. Thanks to Oleman, Fjarin, Fiona Driver & Graham Simpson and Simon Chadwick for their fantastic performances and workshops. Also thanks to the volunteers who helped make it happen, the Grassmarket Centre and of course, the audience and participants!
If you want more North Sea cultural mixes - there's Scandimoot this weekend (1-4 May) down in Lancashire and Geiteberg Folk Festival 5-6 June, in Tomter, Norway (near Oslo) as a couple of suggestions. Closer to home, Hydrokoret (the Hydro Choir) from Oslo, Norway are at the Pleasance, 2 May, 4.30pm plus Vasen is at the Pleasance on 4 May, 8pm courtesy of the Edinburgh Folk Club - as part of the Tradfest Edinburgh/Dun Eideann programme.

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  1. Hi Fiona mentioned before I think, this guy is the bees knees if you looking for folk for next year cheers Gordon