Friday, 17 April 2009

The next big thing!

Thanks to all those who came to enjoy the Northern Streams Festival this year. (If you want to see what you missed if you didn't attend any of the events - feel free to scroll down the page!)

The next big thing for the TMSA in Edinburgh is the regular Homecoming Session which is running in Jenny Ha's Pub, down near the bottom of the Royal Mile. If you want to check out the session out, it starts at 7.30pm on every second Tuesday night.
The dates are:
28 April
12 & 26 May
9 & 23 June
7 & 21 July
4 & 18 August
1, 5 & 29 September
13 & 27 October
10 & 24 November

All are welcome to come, play, sing, or appreciate the atmosphere. Other Homecoming Sessions are starting up elsewhere around Scotland - visit for details. Thanks to VisitScotland for supporting the TMSA to organise these sessions to complement the traditional music & song scene around the country.