Monday, 1 September 2014

Upcoming events

Hope you had a great summer of trad music and song - though it looks like there maybe a little bit more sunshine left leading up to the Kirriemuir Festival this coming weekend. While you are waiting for this festival, we thought you might like to know about the Naustedalen Spelemannslag group from Norway who will be performing at Edinburgh Castle, this Wednesday (3rd September) at 1pm - once the one o'clock gun has fired presumably! They come from Sunnfjord, West Norway, and their programme contains music and dances from all over southern Norway as well as displaying the different costumes from these different communities. Meanwhile we hope to have details here soon of our Carrying Stream Session & Branch AGM (November); Muckle Sing/Singers Gathering in February 2015 and Northern Streams in April 2015.