Tuesday, 30 October 2018

'Carrying Stream' Session & Branch AGM

Next Branch event is our forthcoming AGM and session, which will be held in: The Royal Oak pub, Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, in their downstairs room on Sunday 11th November. AGM at 2pm. Session from 3pm - 5.30.pm. All welcome to attend both, though only members may vote at the AGM.
Always looking for more people to join/re-join the TMSA and thus support our long-held traditions of Music, Song and Dance, so if you feel like joining up the enrolment form is here: http://www.tmsa.org.uk/tmsa-membership.asp We are aware that the above is the same date as the big concert in The Usher Hall - the final performance of "Far, far from Ypres", hence the session finishing slightly earlier to allow for eating before the concert to which some of us are going! There are still a few tickets available via The Usher Hall website and box office, up in the Upper Circle. It will be the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, a poignant date indeed. In the past we have liaised with Edinburgh Folk Club's "Carrying Stream Festival" over this weekend. For a number of reasons, including the Usher Hall concert, their festival is much scaled down this year, but still feel free to bring your Hamish Henderson songs to the session (11th November also having been his birthday.)