Thursday, 16 October 2014

Join us to celebrate what’s happened this year and help plan for more great memories in the future…

Details now confirmed so here they are: TMSA Edinburgh & Lothians Branch Annual General Meeting Tuesday 11 November, 6.45pm - downstairs at the Royal Oak, Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LT followed by The Carrying Stream Session at 8.00pm (same venue). Join us to celebrate another great year of Branch activity and give us feedback on how it is going for you. Got some ideas on how to improve what the Branch is doing? Come and discuss with others what you would like to see continue and what we could do differently. Then we'll have a celebration of music and song! Also find out how to get involved and grab benefits such as free tickets to concerts and workshops. We need extra people to help organise and staff our events because without more ‘hands on deck’ we may not be able to continue to run them! Contact us for more details using the information at the bottom right of this webpage. All welcome!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Carrying Stream Session (11 November) update

We can now confirm that the Carrying Stream Session will be taking place on Tuesday 11 November at the Royal Oak, 1 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LT. We're working on final timings as the Branch AGM will take place before the Session but things should be underway by 7.30pm at the latest!