Thursday, 24 March 2016

Northern Streams 2016 tickets now available!

Northern Streams 2016 tickets are now available at Come along to experience the best and new of Scandinavian and Scottish folk music from: The Quiggs - Stephen and Pernille Quigg: singing duo - Scotland/Denmark (pictured); Ingunn Bjørgo and Åasmund Reistad: diatonic accordion and guitar duo - Norway; Sally Simpson and Markus Räsänen: fiddle and free bass accordion duo – Scotland/Sweden; Sandy Brechin: accordionist - Scotland; Amy Henderson: accordionist and singer - Scotland; and Laine Ruus – Scandinavian Dance tutor with workshops, sessions, concert and a ceilidh - plus a trip to Inverness. Visit the festival website for details including how you can save up to £14 with an all in one Festival ticket!